A ‘Destiny 2’ Shinobu Hunter Warmind Cell Build For Room-Clearing Damage

I have never written this many “build” articles in a single season of Destiny , which should go to show you that Bungie is getting better with its mechanics to get you to make actual builds for once. Some of this has to do with exotic buffs, like with Chevy’s Ashen Wake Titan build I wrote about yesterday, but many of them are going to be related to the new Warmind Cell mechanic.

Today, we’re focused on a Warmind Cell build for the Hunter, one that uses a mechanic that can be applied to any of the three classes, but Hunter has its own spin on it. So, where to start? There are a few versions of this going around, but this is my custom one.

Tyrant’s Surge Artifact Mod – This is the core of the build. This mod spawns a Warmind Cell on arc ability damage which includes grenades, melees and supers. So, you don’t actually need Seraph weapons at all to spawn Warmind Cells.

Subclass: Bottom Tree Arcstrider – This will give you regen for grenade and melee at low health. Sprinting recharges dodge. Dodge recharges melee. Hunter, unlike Titan or Warlock, can recharge the Warmind Cell-producing arc melee with any single dodge, which is a huge benefit.

Shinobu’s Vow – This is your exotic pick for this build. Shinobu’s gives you two skip grenades, makes tracking better, and gives you energy back when they damage enemies. All of this serves to help you generate more and more Warmind Cells through loads of grenade throws.

Weapons – Like my Titan Build, I am going with demolitionist weapons I farmed in Season of Dawn. I have my beloved Demolitionist/Vorpal Breachlight (which has speed reload with enhanced light arms loader from the artifact). Then I have Gallant Charge with demo for grenade recharge or boss damage if I need it. My heavy is my Goldtusk sword for either boss damage or overload enemies.

Warmind Cells – We do not have all these mods unlocked yet, but they are the core of the build. I have three on, which is really all you can have because Tyrant’s Surge needs a slot and Shinobu’s doesn’t have a seasonal slot. So I have Cellular Suppression, Burning Cells and Global Reach. Global Reach makes the range of the other two fill an entire room. Suppression blinds and suppresses all enemies in an area when you shoot an orb (without blowing it up). Keep shooting the orb and Burning Cells will trigger for a devastating explosion of all the blind enemies. You can also do Rage of the Warmind on other solar armor for even more explosive damage instead of suppression.

Other Mods – I have enhanced Ashes to Assets on my cloak because of all the grenades I’m throwing with this build. I have the artifact mod Surge Detonators on my chest which makes my arc grenades overload enemies, which is obviously useful. After that you really don’t have room for much else other than a few stat/gun mods.

Gameplay : Throw grenades, get recharge through Shinobu and demo weapons, spawn Warmind Cells, shoot Warmind Cells. Melee to spawn more Warmind Cells, dodge to regain Melee. Shoot Warmind Cells. Literally does not take more than one or two Warmind Cells to clear out a room. Remember that there’s a slight cooldown in their spawn, so don’t spam double grenades or you will only spawn one cell.

This is so fun. Seriously, it’s one of the most fun builds I’ve ever played on Hunter, and I think I may even like the Warlock one more (see that later this week). For the last time, give Warmind Cells a chance. Trust me, this is one of the best mechanics Destiny has ever introduced.

Where are the Warlock builds.

later this week, i suspect