A Closer Look At Overwatch's Generous Headshot Hitboxes

I knew it.

Basically, Overwatch’s hitboxes are significantly more forgiving than some other FPSes. This is especially true with projectile weapons like Hanzo’s arrows, Genji’s shuriken, and Mei’s icicle launcher. You can aim nearly a head’s worth of space above a character’s actual head and still pulp their precious brains into a gooey gray matter smoothie. There’s also a lot of give on the sides of heads. Characters can be hidden around walls—to the point that you cannot see them—and still fall to a well-placed/randomly flung shuriken

Projectiles like arrow and throwing stars I can understand due to travel speed, timing, and lag. Character like Warthogs grapple being able to grab you from around corners seems pretty cheap though. I imagine this was intentional on Blizzards part, but it hasn’t been properly balanced at this point yet. Hell, it took them over a year to get D3 right.

Yes playing last night had some members complain hook pulled them through a wall

Fun game…was up all night playing. I would be wrecked if i had to go back to work today. Thankful for the day off. Definitely was noticing this last night in the “play of the game” highlights. You could see this “hit-block” space in action.

im pretty sure that this game is aimed at Casuals, not the super hardcore. everybody seems powerful and imbalanced, but they arent. every character is capable of going on some insane kill streak… even LALA got 31 kills last night. I think these hitboxes help cater towards that goal.

I can’t stand Hanzo. It’s insanely easy to get headshots and kills in general. I constantly see death replay’s where I’m Soldier 76 and lighting his ass up in the chest and neck area, and he shoots me in the leg and foot and I’m done. Even as Roadhog when I hook him and shoot him point blank. He jumps and bounces around as I’m hitting him in the legs and chest, and he jumps around more and shoots me dead. He’s just too accurate. Hanzo is the only character I refuse to use and I’ll take Widowmaker instead. At least you have to aim with her, and she has her backup assault rifle option.

Do you guy’s notice that Soldier 76 seems to take a lot more damage from Torbjorn’s turrets than other characters? Something I noticed while trying to push with him the other night. Just an observation.

I didn’t think I’d like this game as much as I do. Stupid loot boxes…

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