4 Torbjorns

They need to fix public matchmaking to limit classes. Tonight we faced rooms with 2 or more Torbjorns, and one with 4. It was a little out of control with 4 turrets auto tracking you. You’re not even getting killed by a player and they track so fast.

I really think they need to limit it to 1 Hero per game.


I just remembered playing on a team like this last night. Except that we had 4 Reinhardt’s, a D. va, and a Lucio(me). We actually did pretty good. I thought we might get smoked but ended up almost “dominating”. Should they limit the number of the same character a single team can choose, I’m not sure yet. We’ll see what happens when ranked games come out. Maybe there they will limit it.

We faced a full team of Reinhardts and smoked them. The difference is the Turret. That’s not player controlled and so hard to get past 4 of them. Then you have to still deal with the players. All the while having to unlock the car right at the beginning.

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There is got to be a way around it. Himself he isn’t much it’s his Turret that is the real pain. Maybe use a couple Reinharts taking turns with shields and people behind the shields shooting the turrets out.
Then Troborn or however you spell his name, has to make another turret and level 1 turrets are very weak and take time to make into a level 2.

But I do kind of wish it’s one unique character, it’d make people to try compliment each other more then people just playing who they want to play.

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I think 4 Torbs is a lame strat that only really works on defence. The only way I see around it is a couple Reinhardts or a mix with Winstons. Then have a Bastion and Widowmaker take them out. Even then it’s a pain in the ass, especially if those Torbs use their Ults. Torbs shotgun is no joke!

I know there are weaknesses of having too many of the same hero but would prefer that each one can only be selected once during a public match. Private matches I don’t have an issue since you could run a match saying that everyone must take somebody for shits and giggles.

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They also had a symmetra with her 6 turrets.

Torborjns turrets are just rough as they track so fast and are pretty tanky. It takes a lot to get rid or it. And if you do manage to destroy one, he can create one immediately. Hell, I even tried to use Pharah to jump / rocket past them and got taken out before I even reached max height. You can’t even flank them as they rotate 360 degrees, I tried several times.

For that game mode it was way too much. I don’t think a solo torborn is OP, just 4 on as a defense. We really couldn’t get past our spawn.

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It was kind of a no win situation, but I dont see that stuff lasting too long… give it a week or 2 the net will be full of strategies for taking down this type of thing.

Those turrets are taken out with 2 shots from a max change Widowmaker shot. However I still found myself with 15HP left from just peaking those damn things to kill them. Maybe if the turrets had a max target range or tracking range instead of the BS it has now. I don’t mind the DMG or how long it takes to kill one…but when it is targeting you almost before you peak around the corner is the shits.

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Limit games to one hero type per team, problem solved. Every other game like this does it. Battleborn, Smite etc.

I guess that’s how they do it in tournaments.

It is an option in private matches to limit one character per player per team. I believe that when they implement the competitive MP next month it will be that way as well. But casual will prob remain fucked

[quote=“Lala_Calamari, post:7, topic:7096”] And if you do manage to destroy one, he can create one immediately.

I play him a lot and when he creates the turret that is a weak point for him and the turret. It actually takes 5 sec or more to turn the turret into something usuable. People can kill me and the turret easily during that time if they get to me while I trying to level up turret if I don’t pay attention. the turret is weak and hardly does any damage. And I am stationary trying to make it more powerful.

There are times I tried to play him but had to change characters cause the group would kill me and my turrets instantly when I tried to build.

When Competitive Mode comes out next month, they say it will only be one hero per team in this. I have yet to see a confirmation on that and there is no set date for the update to add this. It just says “end of June”.

Those Torbjorns were set up to kill us as we left our spawn. I found a way out to the right only to run into Symettra and her turrets. This is the on thing that really frustrates me in this game. I jumped on again just before bed and faced 5 Pharra’s doing air assaults as we left the spawn. I left that game and ended up against 4 Tracer’s and 2 Bastions. I’ll be doing R6 Siege until that’s figured out unless there are private lobby’s going.

The Torbjorns turret’s need a nerf, not in damage, but in turning movement for when they can shoot. If it’s shooting at one guy, you try to flank at the same time and it immidiately shoots behind and kills you.

I run circles around these turrets with Winston and with my weapon that don’t need much or any aiming I take their health down and slowly take them down.

Because of this I dunno if they turn too fast or not, if you stand there and just shoot at it you may deserve to die if it shoots you.

Playing as Torbjorn and against him I would think that Turrets have too much of a health pool.

It feels like it’s way easier to kill Torbjorn himself than the Turrets, I would say they should feel about the same to kill.

Yeah definitely standing there trying to shoot it, you definitely deserve to die then. I get frustrated when I know a turret is there and I have a Reinhardt keeping it busy so I can flank and it immediately shoots me as soon as I peak it from behind. Other than that, I have no issues with them. Torbjorn is simple to kill unless he’s popped his ultimate. He does have a pretty powerful close quarters gun, but I don’t generally get that close to notice.

Winston is a great character. You were wrecking with him.

I don’t have problems with one Torbjorn, it was 4 with a Symmetra. So that’s 4 upgraded turrets and 6 Symmetra turrets. That’s 10 auto tracking non player guns. Then you had 6 people shooting at you.

The game should be 1 hero per team by default. At least that’s how I feel.

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Use Reinhart with range characters

Yeah 1 is easy. I’m not too worried about that. It’s the 4 we faced I was mainly talking about. 1 paired with a Bastion is frustrating and fun. The turret auto tracking behind it is frustrating, but tolerable for the moment.