31 Movies for 31 days in October

So, my son and I have decided to watch 31 Horror Movies - one per day - through October. Although I can think of tons to watch, I was hoping maybe I would get some suggestions here that maybe I haven’t seen or thought of.
Any suggestions?

Here are a few to start you off.

  • The Thing
  • Nightmare on Elm Street
  • It Follows
  • Near Dark
  • An American Werewolf in London

Pumpkin Head
Mothman Prophecies

Thanks, but no thanks . I hated this…sorry, I really didn’t enjoy this one.

Don’t think I’ve seen this one

NO Thanks Im a big chicken too scary for me

the ring, the shining, ed edd n eddys boo haw haw lmfao

This one is good for a laugh

Tucker & Dale vs Evil

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Not sure if this counts but it’s the BEST Vampire movie EVAR, just ask @Claude505

The Lost Boys!

Ever? I don’t know about that. Maybe you just haven’t watched enough of them.

Shut your whore mouth!!! It is the BEST EVAR!!!

I’ve seen Don’t Breathe recommended a lot. I’ve never watched it so can’t verify if its good.

I know you’re a Zombie fan and I know I recommended this before, check out Train to Busan. Pretty solid zombie flick. Pass on the sequel, it was lame.

Finally, check out It Follows (if you haven’t). This was pretty good as well.

I’ve seen It Follows, and it was good. Gonna watch it with the boy though, as well as Don’t breathe. Both of us want to watch Last Train, so that will be on the schedule too.

From Dusk 'til Dawn, 30 Days of Night and Let the right one in are all better vampire movies BTW

I actually liked this movie up until they got to the bar. Very Pulp Fiction-ish… then… I don’t know. Not a Robert Rodriguez fan. Felt it got silly.

@Claude505 will side with me and his opinion is all that matters in GRG.

… Best Vampires, EVAR!


I beg to differ