2021 Extra Life and BBQ Sauce

Hello Potato Nation!!!

2020 as a year was a really bad mofo, but you guys came through like CHAMPS for my fundraising efforts and helped me exceed my goal. Last year was so successful I had to change my goal four times because of the generosity.

This year I’ve decided to be more active throughout the entire year and work on streaming once per week with more variety and interaction with the viewers. I’ve also decided to split up my sauce production and do at least two batches (first one now, second one in October). I’m trying to be on Twitch one Week Night and one Weekend Night so keep an eye out for me!

That being said if any of you are jonesing for some more “World Famous” BBQ sauce (well at least GRG Famous) I got you covered.

As in past years I’ve added incentives for GRG members to contribute to my EL fundraiser. For those that are new, this money goes directly to my local hospital (Phoenix Children’s Hospital) and I cover the production and shipping cost of the sauce. Children’s Miracle Network does great things all over the country, so even if you don’t end up participating or purchasing anything, please take the time to go learn about Extra Life and CMN’s mission and how long they’ve been helping sick kids.

There are now Three (3) flavor varieties; I make a “Hot” variety with Jalapeno and Habanero along with a “Super Hot” with Ghost Peppers and a higher concentration of Habanero. This year I introduced a “Ridiculously Hot” variety with Pineapple, Turbinado Brown Sugar and Carolina Reapers. I’ll link to past threads about heat, quality, etc… (here)

Hot - Abomination
Super Hot - Chupacabra
Ridiculously Hot - Baron Samedi

BBQ Sauce Feedback:

This Year’s Breakdown

  • $20 - Single (1) ~18 oz bottle of sauce shipped to you (any variety)
  • $35 - Single (1) ~34 oz / 1 Liter bottle of a single flavor or (2) ~18 oz bottle of any flavor (if requested)
  • $50 – Trio Sampler (1) ~18 oz bottle of each flavor
  • $60 - Your choice of ~68 oz/2 Liters (any size/flavor combination)
  • $75 or above - let’s have a conversation about what you want

My Fundraising Portal for Extra Life

@GrumpyInUt @h2daddy @Claude505 @BalekFekete @SoulessGrimm @valiantvictory @Grex @koldfront_kraig and even @Lala_Calamari can all vouch for the sauce and my commitment to Extra Life year after year.

Thank you all again for your donations and your support over the years.

Feel free to tag any of the new guys/gals that I missed.


You know I’m in. Just let me know when production begins.

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Thanks for your support and your donation @h2daddy


Count be in too. Abomination was a hit with my friends. I’d like to stock up.



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Potato Nation - Refresh, Moving it back up top

Hello potato Nation - August is almost over, do you know what that means?!?!?

We are closer to Extra Life game day!!!

Haven’t started another batch yet, but you can get in ahead of the heathens if you know you want some before November.

@Lala_Calamari @GrumpyInUt @Wahooie @valiantvictory @SoulessGrimm @Grex @Bigfish

Can confirm - The sauces are LEGIT. Your mouth is burning but the flavor is so good that you just want more.