2 Milly sues Epic Games over Fortnite's 'Swipe It' dance emote


I think we all knew this was coming. Not sure they can do much. Can you copyright dance moves?

I really can’t blame the creators of the dances for wanting their cut of that 2 billion dollar pie. It will also be interesting to see if all those celebs that said they don’t care actually start to care if 2 Milly wins.


I can’t imagine it would be difficult for Epic to tally up their profits from sales of that specific emote.

If they agree that it does constitute infringement of some type, I can see it snowballing to a settlement.

I was surprised when Fortnite first started doing it.
Perhaps they will offer the counter that they’re more popular than him and are actually going to increase his sales as a result of this.


And now Alfonso Ribeiro and the Backpack Kid (Floss Dance) are suing. Backpack kid is also suing 2K.


Pretty sure the Floss Dance is also in Destiny 2…
Come to think of it, is the Carlton also in D2?


I know the Carlton Dance is in one of the Destiny games.

Maybe…just maybe…you can claim that they’re infringing on the Carlton Dance, because that dance is definitely tied to him and his remaining claim to fame. But these other guys? Who the hell are they? Did anyone at all know who these guys were before now?


The article says you can copyright a dance but none have done so. Unless this case sets a new precedent then not much can happen.

The Carlton dance was inspired by Eddie Murphy’s white man dance and Courtney Cox’s dance in a Bruce Springsteen video. Alphonso has been quoted saying so. That isn’t going to help his case any.


Alphonso also said that he was in the process of copyrighting his dance.
Whether he’ll manage to do that and how it applies to existing “copies” is yet to be seen.